How to Choose the Best Air Compressor

How to Choose the Best Air Compressor?


An air compressor is a device that has gained popularity not only in the US but in the world at large due to its vast range of uses.Its a device that takes in air from the atmosphere and holds it compressed in a chamber.It is also capable of transforming electric energy into kinetic energy that is usually in the form of air,which is used in operation of pneumatic tools right from cleaning under pressure to driving other devices.The workability of an air compressor basically depends on such factors like efficiency and compressor power.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Compressor

Type of Drive System

How to Choose the Best Air CompressorAir compressors are driven either by electric motor or gasoline engine,depending on the environment of use.It comes out clearly hat availability of electric power allows use of electric motor.This is because once the electricity is installed, it reduces the maintenance cost during use.Where there is less or no electric power, gasoline energy is more appropriate since it comes with benefit of portability and flexibility.


The maximum cubic feet per minute (CFM) required for the purposed usage is considered.This is the amount of air that the compressor is able to deliver efficiently at a specific pressure.A challenge may arise since the speed at which the air gets into the cylinder is primarily determined by the atmospheric pressure.

The temperature and humidity of air are used to set an even playing field where the CFM is approximated to be 68 degrees fare heights at sea level and 36% relative humidity.The maximum CFM is obtained by summing up all the air tools planned to be used at the same time.However in order to buffer against unknown use of the compressor it’s advisable to add approximately 30% of the obtained number of CFM.One must know that adding up all air tools to be used throughout the work day ends up in inflation of the number of CFM that as a result asks for relatively larger compressor with much efficiency.

Features of the Compressor

The feature of the compressor, their familiarity and user friendliness is another factor. In more demanding applications like cold temperature,iron based compressor is preferred since its durable and reliable,and stainless steel finger valves are used since they don’t corrode easily.

Also,to prevent damages from low levels of oil devices to monitor oil are used, separate cast cylinders are preferred for better contraction of air and one-piece connection rods are used to prevent internal unknown damages.One should however note that the more the moving parts the higher the maintenance cost. All these call for adequate attention.

Maximum Operating Pressure

This determines the type of reciprocating pump to use. Single stage air compressor draws in air and offers subsequent contraction to its final pressure in single piston stroke. It attains a maximum PSI of 50.On the other hand the two stage compressor draws in air and compresses it to an immediate pressure.Finally the air is cooled by piping it through an intercooler and compressed to the final stage. Its for the gradual processes that these compressors are used in high pressure areas. Single stage CFM rating is higher than two stage considering that each cylinder draws and compresses air during each rotation.

The Size of the Receiver Tank

The size of the receiver tank that are measured by gallons are determined by total usage. Concentated quick bursts like an air nailer requires small tanks and devices like board sander requires large tanks that sustain long usage.


The above provide guidelines for manufacturers, buyers and users of air compressors (you can check out the latest air compressors on The bottom-line is that one ought to do a thorough market research. Overall, this is an ideal product to use at home or during travel.

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