Organic Farming and Fruits: Which Can Be Grown?

Organic Farming and Fruits: Which Can Be Grown?


Organic farming refers to a spectrum of farming techniques which involves the exclusion of application of herbicides, pesticides or any other known synthetic fertilizer. It also entails crop production without the use of certain growth hormones like Auxin which play a crucial role in the development phases of crops by promoting its growth to a relatively large extent.

Which fruits can be grown organically?

Through thorough agricultural research, it has been proven that there exists a spectrum of fruits that can be produced using the organic farming techniques. These fruits are rich in nutritional content but the truth is they have been formed by farmers who exclusively use the principles of organic farming and organic farm plans in their systems. Thus, they can be consumed as raw or can be used to make corresponding juice. In particular, juicing plays a critical role in ensuring that one’s health needs are met.


Organic Farming and Fruits: Which Can Be Grown?Apples, known scientifically as Malus sp, are known to be very vulnerable from pest attacks, as a result pose a big challenge when grown organically. However, through experienced organic farmers growing apples are just a walk in the pack. One of the unique benefits of apple juice is that it helps in prevention of Asthma. This is made possible due to the fact that the apple contains a mineral element called flavonoid. As some people opt to take an apple as raw, some choose to drink the apple juice, but it is worth knowing that the nutritional value is the same, content kept constant.


There exist different types of grapefruits that an organic farmer may opt to choose to grow. These types include seedless table grapes, Labrusca grapes, Muscadine grapes, White wine grapes and Red wine grapes. All these species have different characteristics and also growth requirements. For example,whereas Muscadine grapes require warm and humid climate Labrusca grapes have proven to thrive best in cold winter temperatures. Hence, it goes without saying that grape juice exists in different tastes as attributed by different types of grapes used.


It is worth knowing that there exist three types of strawberries that can be grown organically. These types include June-bearing strawberries, Ever-bearing strawberries and day neutral strawberries. June-bearing strawberries produce relatively higher yields as compared to Ever-bearing strawberries. It is important to note also that strawberry juice exists also in different tastes as it depends on the type of strawberries used.


Citrus trees produce fruits that are best known to be rich sources of Vitamin C. There exist a list of citrus fruits than can be grown organically, namely: Lime, Lemon, Orange, Satsuma Mandarin, Meyer Lemon and Kumkuat. Thus, juices of citrus fruits exist in different types depending on the citrus fruit used.


There is a non stoppable debate whether you should drink organic coffee or non-organic coffee. Obviously, organic coffee is better for health according to many researchers.

What are the General Health Benefits of Organic Farm Fruits?

Organic Farming and Fruits: Which Can Be Grown?By compassion, organic farm fruits are generally relatively safer to consume as compared to the controversial synthetically produced. Prof Carlo Leifert, at Newcastle University, conducted a research that concluded that there existed a significant difference between organic and inorganic farm products.

A rich source of vitamin C

Fruits like oranges contain in abundance vitamin C. This vitamin is one of the essential vitamins that our bodies require most. One of the roles of it is that it helps to reduce strokes and heart attacks by a greater extent. As a result the vitamin guarantees longevity in the vascular health of an individual. One study revealed that organic strawberries contain a relatively larger content of vitamin C as compared to the synthetically produced.

Lower the levels of cholesterol

Due to the fact that synthetic fruits and foods contain a relative high level of cholesterol, organic fruits are thus recommendable since they contain little or no cholesterol. This will increase the longevity of the lives of human since lower cholesterol levels translates to less risk for heart diseases.

Lower Cancer cases

The funny thing is that despite the move by people to wash synthetic fruits with water, they usually don’t wash away the harmful chemicals that were used to produce them. These chemicals will ultimately lead to high Cancer cases. In sharp contrast, fruits from organically produced fruits are free from those heavier and harmful chemicals.

Free from poison

Synthetic fruits are harmful and by extension poisonous. That is the indisputable truth but the good news is that organic fruits are not detrimental and are fit for human consumption. Unlike the synthetic fruits which have some traces of chemicals that may make the body cells toxic.


Organic fruit farming is, indeed, a very important line of work to embark on. This is because despite the fact that it has lots of nutritional and health values, it also ensures ecological balance and harmony. Times is ripe and the stakes superlatively high for farmers to practice the controversial organic farming.

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